Providing international and American families all around the world with your own 
personal, professional advisor to help you 
find your ideal universities in the USA.

There is no charge for the first consultation with IUA.  We will talk about your hopes and dreams for university and how IUA can help you make them happen, staying with you from now until you leave for university.   

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Are you an American or international student looking for colleges and universities in the United States?  Are you looking for expert help to find the right university and to guide you through the complicated application process?  How about help finding the universities where you have the best chance for a scholarship?  IUA professional consultant Mark Gathercole provides all this and much more.

 The word "Independent" in the name tells you that Mark works for you, not for any university; the 
focus is on you, with an individualized plan to help you find your ideal  university, and to help you get there.  

Mark Gathercole has more than 25 years of university advising experience, and has helped more than 700 American and international students gain admission to college/university, many with scholarships.

You absolutely can be admitted to university - contact Mark today to find out more.