Did You Know?

Most colleges and universities in the USA admit students on a variety of factors, not just exam scores; these include school grades, teacher recommendations, a counselor/principal recommendation, the student's application and essays, the student's activities, hobbies and interests, and more.

Services For Families - What IUA Can Do For You

IUA consultant Mark Gathercole is with you from beginning to end..........

.... to help you decide what is important to you in choosing a university.

.... to help you sort through the hundreds of sources of information available.

.... to guide you in finding the universities that suit you best.

.... to help you understand the various admissions procedures and requirements.

.... to advise you about universities that give you the best chance for a scholarship.

.... to help you decide what you want to study at university.

.... to advise you about visiting universities.

.... to guide you through the application process - writing essays, highlighting your positive 
          qualities, how to honestly put yourself in the best light for admissions.

.... to advise you in your final choice of which offer to accept - which college to       

.... to advise you in preparation for your departure.

................and much more.