Did You Know?

In the USA, the terms "college" and "university" both refer to schools which offer bachelor's degrees; universities also offer master's and sometimes doctoral degrees, while colleges focus all their efforts on their undergraduates.


"Both of our children were truly fortunate to have Mr. Mark Gathercole's invaluable guidance.  We give Mr. Gathercole much credit for our children's achievements, for he has been their greatest mentor.  He is unfailingly ready to help; his heart is in everything he does. 
"As an international (Indonesian) applicant who required a substantial amount of financial aid, I benefited greatly from Mr. Gathercol'e strategies, (which) helped me in getting three general scholarship grants.  His advice reflects the exacting standards that the most competitive colleges demand.  Moreover, I appreciated that during the busy days approaching the deadline and admissions notification days, Mr. Gathercole kept sending me encouraging emails to keep my motivation high." 
"......I appreciate the systematic approach Mark takes with his students to prepare them for selecting and entering into college.  His ability to communicate with students helps them open up to numerous possibilities and opportunities.  He stretches them to understand what they want out of life and helps them achieve it." (American parents)

"Mark Gathercole is on the receiving end of our warmest thanks imaginable.  His invaluable guidance and kindness will always be remembered and greatly appreciated." (Indonesian parents)

"I have been so fortunate that (Mr. Gathercole) was the counselor for both my children.  His thoughtfulness, knowledge, and sensible approach have been an invaluable resource for us during the university search process.  He was forever so patient and receptive to our questions."

(Full letters of recommendation are available upon request.)