Certified Educational Planner
         Member of:
  • Overseas Association for College Admissions Counseling
  • National Association of College Admissions Counselors
  • Independent Educational Consultants Association
"Mark Gathercole places the needs of the student in the forefront of the process.  His approach is about helping the student find the school that will fit him/her best.  Mr. Gathercole has been a joy to work with, always respecting and appreciating my input as a parent."  (An American parent)

   About IUA

    Mark Gathercole is a professional university advisor with a master's degree   
    and more than 25 years of experience helping students find their ideal 
    universities.  He has worked with approximately 700 American and 
    international families in their university searches, He has done university 
    advising in four international schools, in Norway, Egypt, the Czech Republic, 
    and for ten years at the Jakarta International School in Indonesia before     
    becoming an independent advisor.
    There are more than 2500 colleges and universities in the United States:
    - How do you find out which are best for you, that will teach you in the way
    you learn best, where you will thrive and develop your best characteristics?

    - How do you know which of the hundreds of websites and books contain
    legitimate and helpful information and which do not?

    - How do you know which of the many rankings wil be the most helpful
    to you?  They are not all created equal!

    - How do you accurately estimate your chances of being admitted?
    School grades and SAT scores alone do NOT tell you this; there are
    so many other factors used in admissions that the statistics you find on
    websites and in books do not give you an accurate picture of your chances.

    - How do you know which universities will give you the best chance
    at a scholarship?

    IUA consultant Mark Gathercole will help you sort all this out, and much    
    more.  Then, once you decide which universities are right for you, you have 
    to put yourself in the best light with accurate information through a complex 
    application process which includes essays, recommendations, activities lists, 
    and more.  Mark will guide you through all of this, step by step, right up until 
    you leave for university. 

Our focus is on you

    - to help you decide what you want from a university
    - to help you learn about universities that will develop your full potential
    - to help you find schools that match what you are looking for
    - to help you put your best foot forward in your applications
    - to help you make your final choice

......and much, much more.