A school's college/university guidance program should address the needs of its community, should operate with the student at the center, should observe best practices and professional ethics, and should operate in line with the philosophy and goals of the school.,

Services For Schools

College/university guidance in high schools varies in many ways, depending on who administers the program, the population of the school, the philosophy of the school, and the expectations of the school community, among other factors.  Is your program as effective as you would like?  What does the word "effective" mean at your school?  Are your students and parents happy with the program?  What about the goals and values of the program - are they in line with the school's philosophy of teaching and learning?  If your current program could use review or ravamping, IUA consultant Mark Gathercole can help.    

For 17 years, Mark Gathercole directed the college/university guidance programs in three different international schools, and designed a program for a fourth.  He also worked as a teacher before becoming a counselor, for a total of nearly 30 years experience.  He has worked in schools where he was the only university advisor, schools where the pastoral and university guidance were administered by separate counselors, and in schools where the pastoral and university guidance were combined and shared by several counselors.  All of this experience gives Mark a broad perspective, from both the view of teaching and learning as well as counseling.

Mark can work with schools in several ways, depending on the need:

- For schools with existing university guidance programs, Mark can audit your program and make recommendations for restructuring or for specific improvements.

- For schools without university guidance counselors/advisors, Mark can design a program specifically for your school and make recommendations about qualifications to look for in hiring a university counselor.

- For schools without university guidance/counseling programs, Mark can provide university guidance for your students through a combination of periodic visits and distance consultation.

Contact Mark for a free consultation to explore your specific needs and how he can help.